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Location Team Conference Division
Philadelphia 76ers Eastern Atlantic
Charlotte Bobcats Eastern Southeast
Milwaukee Bucks Eastern Central
Chicago Bulls Eastern Central
Cleveland Cavaliers Eastern Central
Boston Celtics Eastern Atlantic
Los Angeles Clippers Western Pacific
Memphis Grizzlies Western Southwest
Atlanta Hawks Eastern Southeast
Miami Heat Eastern Southeast
New Orleans Hornets Eastern Southwest
Utah Jazz Western Northwest
Sacramento Kings Western Pacific
New York Knicks Eastern Atlantic
Los Angeles Lakers Western Pacific
Orlando Magic Eastern Southeast
Dallas Mavericks Western Southwest
New Jersey Nets Eastern Atlantic
Denver Nuggets Western Northwest
Indiana Pacers Eastern Central
Detroit Pistons Eastern Central
Toronto Raptors Eastern Atlantic
Houston Rockets Western Southwest
San Antonio Spurs Western Southwest
Phoenix Suns Western Pacific
Oklahoma City Thunder Western Northwest
Minnesota Timberwolves Western Northwest
Portland Trail Blazers Western Northwest
Golden State Warriors Western Pacific
Washington Wizards Eastern Southeast

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