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What/who is Seatdata.com?

Although we are incorporated as G2Web, Inc., SeatData.com is not a major corporation. We are three part-time guys who are trying to make the sporting event web environment the way we think it should be from a fan’s perspective. We ask for membership dues to help cover the enormous costs associated with the site. All money received goes into bringing you more features. We take personal pride in what we do.

Is SeatData.com affiliated with any venues, sports franchises or professional sports leagues (NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL)?

SeatData.com is not affiliated, in any way, with these sports entities. In fact, it is our disassociation with them that is the impetus for the site. They sometimes need to compromise fan’s interests for business reasons, whereas we are fans. With that said, we look to enhance what they do, not replace it or compete with it.

Why should I pay for a membership? Aren’t photos available for free from other websites, specifically the sports teams’ home websites?

Our ultimate goal is to be the portal for sports venue seating information. We have found that most venues have photos from their venue seating sections. Most of these are either too small to be of use, or are buried so deeply in their respective websites that it’s difficult to navigate to them. We have created SeatData.com to be a one-stop site for this information. In addition, membership allows photos from venues to be displayed at unprecedented resolutions for these types of pictures. We have found that, at high resolution, you can really get the true sense of what your seating view will be at the game. These high-resolution pictures cost a great deal of money to serve because of their file size, which is why the venues cannot offer them to you. We charge a reasonable membership fee to recuperate these expenses, which will assure that the site is continually updated with new venues and quality improvements on the existing ones.

How much does a membership subscription cost?

The cost to become a member is currently a single, annual payment of $9.95. This gives you one full year of access to our site regardless of when or if you cancel your subscription. If you choose not to cancel your subscription, Paypal will automatically deduct another payment on your subscription’s anniversary. Even if our price goes up, your price will stay the same as long as your subscription is current. If you are uncomfortable with an automatic renewal, simply cancel your subscription immediately after signing up and you will not be charged. We are not in the business of scamming or trying to fool our customers. We refund all reasonable requests.

Do I have to use Paypal?

If you want to use any kind of credit, the answer is yes, at least for now. Great consideration was taken before we decided to use Paypal to handle our subscriptions. First and foremost, it meant that we didn’t have the responsibility of caretaking your confidential credit information, a concern we took very seriously. Paypal is now owned by Ebay, one of the world’s largest corporations. Your personal data are extremely safe with them. We realize that people may have had a bad experience with Paypal in the past, or just simply don’t like or trust them, but we have not yet heard of a single complaint about them from any of our current customers. We are considering accepting credit payments ourselves as an additional option, but haven’t as yet done so. We will, however, accept money orders made out to:

G2Web, Inc.
3242 Ripplerock Lane
Stockton, CA 95206

I only want to sign up for one year or I want to just cancel my subscription.

A SeatData membership subscription will automatically renew after one full year. For those who do not want to be automatically renewed, it’s a simple matter of canceling the subscription through PayPal. If you would like to cancel your subscription, log in to your PayPal account and go to the "History" subtab of the "My Account" tab. Choose "Subscriptions" from the pull-down "Show" menu and press the "Submit" button. Choose this subscription, and click on its "Status." You will be taken to a Transaction Details page from which you may cancel your subscription. Cancelling your subscription will immediately stop all future scheduled payments for this subscription. However, your SeatData membership will still be active for one full year from the last subscription payment. It is recommended that if you only want to sign up for one year, cancel your subscription immediately after you sign up. This will not affect your year-long membership and you won’t have to remember to cancel a year later.

I signed up for membership, but I can’t login.

We have found that most login issues are a result of some confusion after the Paypal process is complete. You should have been returned to SeatData.com to create your login and password. Our automated system checks new memberships and sends out a confirming e-mail to new members within 15 minutes of sign-up. If you did not get redirected to the member login and password creation page after Paypal, check your e-mail for your login and temporary password.

Does SeatData.com have photos from every section of every MLB, NFL, NHL & NBA venue?

We have better than 90% coverage, with respect to photos from venue sections. Areas that are not covered were due to sections that were inaccessible (like club sections or sections closed for a particular game), changed or added sections, or the photo quality was poor enough that we did not want to use it. A good majority of the venues do have photos from every seating section. When the actual photo from a given section is not available, it is substituted with a reasonable alternative. In these cases, you’ll see an asterisk next to the section number heading and below the picture will be an explanation of the difference between the photo shown and the section it is representing. For a list of photos that are missing, to the best of our knowledge, please open the following: coverage.txt

Does SeatData.com have seat & row detail information for seating charts?

We are currently collecting this information and soon will post it for members only. This will be in place for several NFL venues in fall of 2003, with more added as we complete each venue. Priority is being placed on the more popular venues first. Giant Stadium is now complete, and Gillette Stadium and Texas Stadium will be finished soon.

Why is there a SeatData.com logo and copyright notice on all photos and seating charts?

Unfortunately, there is a faction of the internet community that steals content and presents it as their own. We are forced to protect ourselves otherwise they would have the same content we would have without spending any effort or expense to get it. Our branding is one of the most important steps we can take to ensure our survival. We would prefer not to do this, but the site would be gone as quickly as it took to copy images if we do not. As to the degree of intrusion, these are judgment calls we had to make, and we felt we needed to err on the side of caution, or everybody loses. We feel that the marks do not interfere with the function of the photo, only its beauty. If you would like to get only a few unmarred pictures for a specific purpose, please feel free to contact us.

Picture quality: Why are there people in the photos?

We feel strongly that the true value of our pictures is that they were taken under game conditions. Some stadiums have beautiful renderings that have absolutely no feel to them. The imperfections of our pictures give the photos life. They are what you would see if you went to the game. You don’t buy tickets to a rendering.

Picture quality: Some pictures have shadows that make it hard to see clearly.

We believe that this is another important quality of the photos. The shadows that occur are exactly what you would get if you attended a game just as we have. Use the shadows as additional information. The purpose of the photo is not to frame it, but for it to be realistic. For this reason, we tried not to doctor the photos in any way.

Picture quality: The picture is blurred, too dark, and/or tilted.

We have made every effort to avoid these problems, but we are amateur photographers, and we had to take the photos in a game atmosphere. That means people are in the way, the lights are turned off, it is raining, etc. We suggest that you examine the stadiums that most appeal to you and get a feel for the type of day we experienced before making any decisions. In most cases, we had only one chance to take the photos without incurring great expense. A few photos have been posted that are below our quality standard; plans are in the works to correct these as soon as possible. Our judgment is that a questionable picture would be more useful than none at all.

When will SeatData.com cover concert venues or concert configurations of existing venues?

Due to the difficulties obtaining photos at concert venues, it is not planned to have photo coverage of concert venues or concert configurations of the venues we cover for professional sports. We do, however, plan to have seating chart coverage for concert configuration of the venues we covered for professional sports. Beyond that, we plan on gradually adding seating chart coverage for concert-only venues as well.

When will SeatData.com cover college sports?

SeatData.com does not have immediate plans to cover college sports, however, when we are in cities with major college sports venues, we are making attempts to cover some of these. With the continual changes in venues of the four major sports we cover, we simply don’t have the resources at this time to assure full college sports coverage.

How frequently is SeatData.com updated with new venues, changes or corrections?

For new venues, we make every attempt to visit these at the first or second game it is open. In some rare instances, we may be delayed by a few weeks. Once a venue has been covered, it typically takes one to two weeks before the photos are posted on the website. The seating charts are added as soon as we create them based on availability of the information. Beyond new venues, we frequently update the website for venue name changes, corrections, etc.

I found an error in a seating chart or the wrong photo is posted. How can I let SeatData.com know about this?

Although we have painstakingly checked our work, we do find that errors are reported to us every now and then. We strongly encourage our users, whether members or not, to e-mail us at feedback@seatdata.com if any issues are found with our content. Our aim is to be the most thorough and complete site for professional sports venue seating and we couldn’t do this without the help of the users of our site.

Does SeatData.com sell tickets to sporting events?

No, SeatData.com does not sell tickets, however, we do have affiliations with ticket brokers. These are found by the links below each seating chart. When looking at a particular event, the links will take you to the filtered list of tickets available from these brokers, making your ticket search easier. Look for incredible updates to this ticket- searching capability in the near future!

Can I use the photos and seating charts for my own purposes, like creating ads on Ebay?

We do not restrict the use of our photos and seating charts provided the SeatData logo and copyright notice are not covered or cropped out. We have an Ebay Ad Creator feature, which is a great tool for creating powerful ads for selling tickets. It is highly recommended that users try this new feature. It is available via a link below each section photo.

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